Introduction To Career Guide

Career planning is a life long journey and there is certainly a lot of excitement while you do your search.

The Internet provides clues to your directions.

The most important first step is to find out what makes you tick

Such as: -

Ø What you are & Who you are

Ø What you are like and what you are best at.

Ø You need to realize your best subjects at school.

Ø Discover what you like to do and what you enjoy doing most.

Ø Find out your direction in life and don’t be afraid to do a lit of exploring before you reach that discussion.

Ø Experiment with different ideas and careers. Ask yourself “can I see me doing this”

Ø Will I last or how long will I last at It.?

Computers are all around us; there is no more world without them. You will be amazed when you first tackle your computer for answers. They play a significant part in our lives.

Computers bring enthusiasm into a majority of people, and you will develop gradually as you search for your creative abilities. Internet sites tend to move round the web, so it is wise to go to your Internet browser and find specific web sites or the type of information you require.

Computers are a challenge to the Human intelligence. For example, you will be using artificial intelligent programs such as the SIMSprograms.

The application of computer science is to make machines imitate what people do, by programming their behaviour.

The category falls on teachers. Where you become the teacher and the computer the student. Your job is to teach your computer to do the thinking for you. It is at work in many walks of live and at all kinds of careers, and it is still growing. You program your computer to examine every aspect of your process. The computer in return asks you questions based on the information data you entered. Project start with some very detailed analyses of your query and propose solutions. This kind of process is known as MODELING they are complex, mathematical equations that define how a process works.

Question Planning

Ø What skills does the job require?

Ø What training is required?

Ø What subjects should I cover to achieve my goal?

Ø What school, college, or university should I attend to achieve the right training?

Ø Can I, or will I get an apprenticeship or on the job training

Ø What is, and how much, salary do I want to earn.

Ø What organizations do I approach to?

Ø Where can I get work experience?

If after all that effort you reach a point! That the career you choose is not really your style don’t despair, after all searching through the process has already given you experience and you are now wiser and have learned a lot more than you anticipated.

Starting all over should be a piece of cake, so tackle the process over and over again and don’t look back. Remember the ones who have no desire to study are the ones who are poor. Trust you instinct and you won’t regret it.


There are many reasons, why high school students, may not continue to finish their year 11/12.

Some may have had enough; some had to, through illness or other misfortunes and some finds a job, and leave their challenges to faith. Each of us is our own person we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others but do consider this! That once you’re a drop out you are stuck with the first job that comes along and that won’t be easy, as employers would first hire students with better education and you will be struggling for the rest of your life.

If you are a lucky you might find work that you like, but if not you are stuck for the rest of your life and on an average wage. The important thing is to keep moving forward.

You can always apply at institutions later on, and you will still have a good chance to stand on your feet again, and pick up where you left off so to speak. It is more assuring to continue your education. Finishing high school will give you a greater satisfaction later on in life. Be proud about the choices you make.

If you have low grade points, doesn’t mean, or make you a failure, don’t evaluate yourself solely on grades. It is foolish to think that your grades will determine the rest of our life. If you give up trying you will loose the ability of achieving success and you must avoid this at all costs. Your future depends on your efforts.

You can make or break your path to success. The answer is to keep moving forward, one step at a time. The Essential point is that you continue to study and learn as much as you can. Do not allow your confidence, to be determining by the opinion of others; it is your right to cherish a dream of what you would like to do with your future.

The greatest enemy of learning is fear. What is important here is your own growth as a teenager. Once you finish high school you have laid a solid foundation and should you decide to stop studying or to find work.

You still have a choice to train for a better career. It is compulsory to finish high school if you want a professional future. By doing your best you become a winner and a great person of character. Without challenges life becomes boring and we tend to become lazy. Our life becomes empty and emptiness means unhappiness.

My advice is not to fall into this trap. It is people who have no desire to study who are poor. You have a great gift somewhere inside you, search for it and find it. Plan your future now that you are still in school and utilize this time available to you.

Do not rush, because once you are out there working you are working for the rest of your life or at least until you reach your old age pension. Plan your life, plan it now and plan it well.

It is an exciting journey, into planning their future. We all know that high school can be a tremendous stress on our teenagers, and that is why it is imperative to make use of subjects chosen whilst you are still studying preparing, and laying the first steps to a happy and rewarding career. Organization is the major key to success and planning is very important, as it makes you in control. You have every right to a full and satisfying career. This book will help guide you to develop strategies and improve performance, so it might as well be with enthusiasm and dedication. After all, you and only you are responsible for your overall success.

You may have the abilities and talent unknown to you. The note for drop-outs is basically to give you encouragement, to strengthen you skills, using them wisely and bringing out the abilities to further training such as apprenticeships that are available all around you.

While the greatest enemy of learning is fear, you will find directions to overcome your difficulties and bring out your best to be a winner.

The successful factors are -creativity -enthusiasm -dedication and a strong will and determination. I include by quoting “you fall back only when you seek to justify. Learning to manage and plan your future is essential, as it makes the difference between success and failure. You will become a great person and your personality will bloom. Remember! It is those who have no desire to study who are poor. As a future job seeker you will discover your own strengths, attributes and to utilize your skills.

The best advice is to take it a step at a time and live your life to accomplish and achieve success. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Once you achieve your plan you can make it happen. The direction in this book will take you to your future destination. So set your stage for what’s to follow and hold on, to the key, to the door that leads you to your success.

Of course it won’t be easy, there will be pitfalls and disadvantages to overcome but if you endure you will reign.

The self-evaluation section will cover skills and activities to enable you to set your goals. You will assess yourself to bring out your potential values. Perfection comes later. Searching through the process will generate opportunities and gives you the experience and you will become wiser.


This will help you develop self-management skills, responsibilities and increase your confidence to add advancement to a good future. Together we go through the process of the first interview, resume, your IQ levels, and so on. Most organizations have extremely high standards of presentation and generally involve formal wear. Plan time and present yourself in their fashion.

An A to Z list of job titles, careers, training ships and URL sites are listed for your information to assist you, to do more research in the areas of your chosen careers. Most sites picked, has job listings, job postings, vacancies listed by employers, a place to post your resume’, job hunting help and career counselling, they also carry information on making contact.


This book will show you a huge choice of careers and employment information in alphabetical order.

Knowledge is in itself power, and the choices you make dictate the life you will lead. Maintain those links to the real world of work